All-In-One Microsoft Office Apps Now Available For Android and iOS – Soon, Office Apps all-in-one Microsoft will bribe launched. Application mobile-first which the company announced last November, is now available as a preview to the public. However, this version is limited to Android users who have registered as a Google Group and 10,000 iOS testers who have registered through Apple’s Test Flight program. Consumers are ready to receive it this week, later than planned, said a Microsoft spokesperson and reported in

In this version, iPhone is officially out of beta. As for the Android tablet application, it has limited support. As for the iPad does not have a special version. As the name implies, this application combines Word, Excel and Power Point. This software, is more than just a desirable application. There is a home screen, to list each file that was recently created, edited or accessed through the three applications.

It seems simple, but Microsoft hopes, there are benefits that can help keep track of your school, work or personal projects. In theory, it might take a bit of time to rummage through the app. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a plus icon that displays three additional options, namely notes, lenses and documents.

First, make post it style notes and add them to the chronology. This method is useful for writing down reminders during meetings. Second, lens is a document and scanning tool available for many years as a standalone application. Third, document to display shortcuts that will help to start each Office application. It includes new documents, scan tables for excel as well as templates for power point.

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Everything is clear and there is white screen space that Microsoft can add if needed. The Offie app also has an actions section that offers advanced shortcuts. This is a useful tool that users may not know about. There’s a PDF section for example, with one-tap shortcuts to manually sign PDFs and convert word documents to PDFs.

If you are interested in this latest office application, the application can be obtained by downloading it on play store nor app store. The most important thing about this app is the app it gets full feature. And don’t worry, because the original version will continue to be developed.

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