ALERT! PhantomLance Malware Infiltrates Google Play Store – In the midst of today’s technological sophistication, we cannot deny that there are still many cyber crimes or crimes in cyberspace. To the extent that there is a term “No System is Safe” or in Indonesian means “there is no secure system”, even big companies including the Google Play Store always have security holes that have been successfully infiltrated.

What’s that?

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Quoted from various references, one of which is from, researchers from security company Kaspersky have just revealed the presence of dangerous malware on the Google Play Store, namely PhantomLance.

The report also mentions, PhantomLance malware seems to have been hiding in the Google app store for a long time and we haven’t noticed for a long time either.

As for some malicious applications that are infected malware it is distributed via the Play Store and other alternative stores, such as APKpure and APKCombo.

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In their actions, criminals can use the application malware PhantomLance This is to spy on the activities and steal the victim’s data.

Quoted from Kaspersky’s report, Thursday (30/4/2021), malware PhantomLance it has been infiltrating the Google Play Store for over 4 years.

As for the alleged security research team, the infected malicious application Malware this is made by team OceanLotus Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) based in Vietnamese.

PhantomLance Malware
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Furthermore, Kaspersky also announced a number of countries that became the target of the spread of this malware.

Who is it?

The majority, victims of this malware come from countries including: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India, and collects location data, call logs and contacts.

What other activities did the perpetrator do?

Not only that, perpetrators can also monitor SMS activity, and read the phone’s OS version, model and list of installed applications.

Very dangerous isn’t it?

“PhantomLance has invaded the Play Store for more than five years and is able tobypass security filters in the Google app store in a sophisticated way,” said Alexey Firsh, one of Kaspersky’s researchers.

According to the reported report, “perpetrators can download and activate malicious code in the app, and adapt it to the victim’s device, such as the Android version and the installed app.”

“With this method, the perpetrator can avoid the application conditions” overload with unnecessary features and at the same time collect the desired information,” he said.

Therefore, stay alert and don’t just access things you don’t need!

because your choice is your safety!

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