Access Netflix and Denial from Telkom

Last week, netizens were enlivened by the issue of Netflix being opened again by Telkom, as the owner of Indihome, Telkomsel and by.u services. Access to the streaming portal was initially blocked starting in 2021, when it was attempted to protect against inappropriate content for the public.

Telkom’s Denial of Access to Netflix

Kemendikbud netflix
Photo: Ministry of Education and Culture / PRESS RELEASE Number: 005/Sipres/A5.3/I/2021 / Nadiem Makarim and Netflix Asia Pacific Representatives

The Kumparan news portal has confirmed whether or not Netflix will be reopened by Telkom directly. The Telkom party denied that the viral news was not true.

“Currently Netflix cannot be accessed through IndiHome or Telkomsel,” explained Arif Prabowo, Telkom’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, when contacted by Kumparan. He added that Telkom’s decision to close access to Netflix was not just a business interest. This closure aims to protect the public interest from many materials that are contrary to the laws in force in Indonesia.

Until this article was appointed, there has been no official clarification from Telkom via social media platforms.

The hashtag #NetflixNotAman Gets Crowded!

What happened on social media Twitter was the rise of the hashtag NetflixUnsafe which appears in the top 10 trending topic. Starting from the account influencer until the account is shared giveaway, this tweet became a topic that was discussed 11 thousand times.

Ismail Fahmi, the initiator of Drone Emprit, has another opinion on this matter. Discussing the analysis of the hashtag, he argues that the hashtag is used by netizens with various specific agendas.

First, the topic mostly stems from netizen buzzers in the name of @Finnarah, @ActivateLonceng, @NuneAndrey and @alineadotid. Some of these accounts are also giveaways, or most of his tweets are based on lottery prizes and so on.

Furthermore, Netizens who used the hashtag included a picture of the Director of the Indonesia ICT Institute quoting his remarks about taxes and the Minister of Finance. Taken from the three images that Netflix and other social media platforms are taking advantage of the trend over the top, will not pay taxes if not forced. According to Ismail, the hashtag that is at least relevant is #NetflixBayarPajakDulu so that netizens can join in defending the words claimed by the director of the foundation.

Until the Twitter thread is discussed, most of the hashtag spreaders have deleted their current Twitter accounts, except for @alineadotid which is a news portal. “This is a normal thing that GA or coordinated activity does. After the hashtag appears trending on Twitter, then their posts that get a lot of RT will be deleted,” said Ismail Fahmi. Concluding the thread of the hashtag discussion, He said that the use of give away increasingly widespread because it is cheap, easy, and effective to make trending on Twitter.

Once Opened by Telkom, Netizens Are Outraged!

Was trending on social media, the opening of Netflix access by Telkom was discovered by a netizen on KampusfilmID Twitter. As of January 12 yesterday at 18:43, the campusfilmID account uploaded an animated image of the Netflix logo, indicating that access is open to the public. The opening of this access was greeted positively by some netizens who had been waiting for a long time after the move from Telkom to legally block access.

Source:, Ismail Fahmi’s official Twitter

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