A Gamer Surgeon Doctor is Faster to Learn and Talented

Reaching and having an education in the world of medicine is not an easy thing. There are many obstacles and difficulties that must be faced by everyone, especially those who have dreams of becoming a doctor. Speaking of doctors, a statement stated that a gamer at a time surgeon specialist allegedly faster learner and gifted than people who do not play games.

Is that right? Come on, let’s find out together!

Correlation Between Gamers and Surgeons

I just found an interesting topic for NawaReaders. Reported from Reuters, there is a correlation between a gamer and the ability of surgical operations in performing Laparoscopic Surgery. It is attached in a learning journal Archives of Surgery in February. To find the answer, a test was conducted.

Gamer Doctor VS Non-Gamer Doctor

An experiment was conducted on 33 surgeons in a test at Beth Israel Hospital, located in New York. The test was conducted to see whether the doctor who had a hobby of playing games in performing the surgical operation had a better job than the doctor who did not play games or was not a gamer.

It turned out that 9 gamer doctors who played games at least 3 hours per week had better results. The gamer doctors made 37% fewer mistakes and 27% faster to operate. In addition, 42% of them had better surgical test results compared to 15 doctors who were not one or did not play games.

“It’s surprising how much gaming can affect surgical performance,” said Professor Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University who was one of the instructors on the test.

Advantage Factor

What are the factors that cause doctors who like playing games to have better results than doctors who don’t play games? In the learning outcomes of the test, according to them, this is related to the results of previous research on game players. It was explained that playing games can improve movement skills, eye-hand coordination, focus skills, the ability to see 3D objects and competence in using computers.

“Playing games may be helpful as a practical learning tool to help train surgical operations,” said Dr. James Rosser of Beth Israel Hospital.

But please remember to parents, to keep control of the hours of playing games for children. Because there are many bad influences that can happen to children. Starting from being aggressive, school grades deteriorate and being passive does not want to exercise.

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