A Gamer Grandmother Invites Young Children To Play Games!

What comes to your mind when you talk about gamers? Usually, gamer synonymous with a relatively young figure. Could be a dozen or 20 years. Then what if gamer grandmother?

Yes, you read it right. There’s someone gamer Japanese woman who is now 89 years old. Her real name is Hamako Mori, she was later known to the world video games blessing live streaming under the name Gamer Grandma.

He began to like the game world since 1981 often with the introduction of Casette Vision. Over time, he also penetrated the world of live streaming through YouTube.

One of the oldest gamers in the world started his new adventure as a streamer in 2021. Skyrim became the first game he played there. At the time of writing, his YouTube account has been followed by more than 37 thousand people, you know!

Gamers Grandma: “The Benefits of Playing Games According to Grandma”

In her interview with GameSpark, the gamer’s grandmother geek it shares a number of messages to fellow gamers, especially to the elderly like him.

He suggests continuing to play as you get older. “When you’re young, you’re going to be very busy finding time to play games, but if you start early and keep playing, you won’t have a problem with it even if you’re old,” he explains.

Without hesitation, he compared his hobby to others. He said, “You can’t keep fashion and sports as hobbies as you get older, but gaming is a good thing because it makes you comfortable.”

Personally, he admits that he prefers his peers to play games single player rather than multiplayer.

“There’s no denying that if you’re in a fight with younger players, you’re going to slow it down,” he explained. “However, I think as more gamers get older, there will be dedicated servers where it’s not a concern.”

According to him again, “games are great for keeping your mind active.”

“When I think of playing games, I learn how to play and what games are about. Even I’m holding a memo. In the end, this is a good thing, because usually you will stop doing some things when you get older.”

Now Gamer Grandma is still actively playing games and sharing his games via Youtube. Later, games Days Gone and Borderlands 3 be his choice.

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