5 Easy and Effective Ways to Earn Money in GTA Online!

Since recently Epic Games give game Grand Theft Auto V made Rockstar Games for free, surely many new players will join the game GTA Online. But after 7 years on the air, GTA Online has massive content and of course requires money to buy it.

With so many modes and features in this game, I will describe which mode is the most effective for earning money in this game GTA Online. Check below.

Contact Mission

gta money online

For those who are playing for the first time, you can run contact mission to earn money. Contact mission is a series of missions obtained from certain characters in GTA Online. The missions vary from stealing planes, cars, etc. These missions are quite simple and don’t require much capital to do.

However, the level of difficulty of these missions also varies. Make sure you check rating of each mission you run. If ratingwas below 70%, there was a possibility that the mission was quite difficult to complete.


  • Contact Mission have a variety of payment amounts. So, not necessarily the result contact mission rewards-mu is the same as other players or with the previous result. You can check the formula variations contact mission in tab rewards here.
  • Vehicle armored as Kuruma or flying armed vehicles such as buzzard very helpful in the majority contact mission.
  • Be careful with missions that require you to steal something. Usually the vehicle that must be stolen should not be destroyed, so be careful when firing your weapon.
  • To seek contact mission easily, you can open icon Job on the phone and choose quick job > contact mission.

VIP Work

gta money online

If you already have money with a minimum nominal of 50 thousand, then you can make a organization and get VIP status. You can become a VIP through the interaction menu and choose the mission you want to play.

VIP status will last for 4 hours in the real world. You can choose a variety of VIP missions which have quite a lot of variety.


  • Choose a mission Headhunters and Sightseeer. This is because the mission provides a hefty monetary reward with a relatively fast mission completion time.
  • Flying vehicles like buzzard or Oppressor Mk.2 very useful in this mission.
  • So that your mission is not disturbed by others, make it invite only lobby.


Running a business is one of the best ways or arguably the best way to earn money in GTA Online. Business in GTA Online varies from Office, Motorcycle Club until nightclub.

Do not be wrong in choosing the order of business purchased. This can be fatal and make the results of your investment money in vain. Check out the business guide for GTA Online which is here.


  • The best business for beginners who like to play solo is offices (vehicle cargo) or Bunker.
  • Don’t buy nightclub if you don’t have at least 3 businesses in Motorcycle Club.|

GTA Online Heist

gta money online

Heist is a big mission or some kind of mission end game which exist in GTA Online. If you play single playernya, you must be familiar with Heist.

Heist in GTA Online consists of several small to large missions, usually starting from setup lead to finale. Heist itself varies from the minimum number of players. Heist first in GTA Online requires a minimum of 4 people to be able to play, and Doomsday as well as Casino Heist Can be played with at least 2 people.

Heist has a fairly large prize money, so if you have friends to play with, Heist can be the main source of your money, especially if done repeatedly.


  • Make sure there are communication tools, some heist very difficult to do without coordination and teamwork.
  • Try to do Heist sequentially in order, there will be a big bonus waiting for you.

GTA Online Events

every week, Rockstar give bonus rewards on some specific modes in the game GTA Online. It could be 2x the selling price of business products, 2x the inner prize contact mission, or other modes.

Make sure you take advantage of events This is because this gift has a limited time.


  • Check jobs invite you guys, usually there player which invites to play missions that are being doubled the prize.
  • If you are bored, it can be interspersed with VIP work, business, or contact mission.

Those are the 5 recommended methods to earn money in GTA Online, don’t forget to comment if you have other tips and tricks!

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