3 Years Founded, CIAYO Games Says Goodbye to the Gaming Industry

CIAYO Games, game developer Indonesia must announce the closure of the company. CIAYO Games has been in existence for 3 years and in August, game developer this must say goodbye to the gaming industry.

So far, the reason behind the closure is unknown game dev However, the decision was taken through a joint decision. So, what is the fate of the games that have been made by CIAYO Games?

Officially Saying Goodbye from the Gaming Industry

CIAYO Games will close all services and industries in early August. This is the result of a joint decision after the gaming industry is said to be in bankruptcy. However, the exact reason why CIAYO Games had to say goodbye is not yet known.

CIAYO Games has been established since 2021 and has become game developer best in Indonesia. CIAYO Games added that its staff will continue to work in the gaming industry outside the CIAYO Games area.

CIAYO Games’ Fate Games

Of course with a lid a game developer, the game will also be deleted or redirected by developer other. This fate is experienced by games created by CIAYO Games, some of which will be transferred to developer other local. Like game CHIPS: Monster Tap, which can still be enjoyed through the global version released by OnFace.

Then there is CHIPS: Corona Invasion which has recently received support from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Then, the game titled Memories which will be taken over by Agate International. However, unfortunately, the production CHIPS: Heroes Uprising Card Game should be discontinued, but the game can still be purchased via Tokome.

About CIAYO Games

CIAYO Games is Brand Digital Entertainment which is also part of CIAYO cooperation. The game industry was developed by PT Dragon Capital Center with its studio located in North Jakarta. CIAYO Games was founded from an idea and small staff who then formed a team in the gaming industry.

CIAYO Games is more focused on making Hyper-Casual Mobile Game with good graphics quality and easy to play. CIAYO Games also collaborates and handles clients in the production of mobile games. Game creations like CHIPS: Monster Tap, has invited many audience and became one of the popular games in Indonesia.

After being established for more than 3 years, this local game industry must say goodbye to the world of gaming. Hopefully CIAYO Games staff can still work and provide new ideas for the game industry in Indonesia.

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