3 Strongest Rusher on Earth FF from Indonesia

In this article, I will share information about who is the strongest Rusher on earth, FF from Indonesia. But before I mention the names, maybe there are some gamers who are new to FF, so they don’t know what Rusher is.

Please note that when playing FF with a team, there are roles that each team member holds. One of these roles is Rusher. Rusher’s main task is to initiate into the enemy’s area before the battle begins. So, Rusher’s task is quite urgent and will determine the success of the strategy carried out by the team in the upcoming battle.

Therefore, a Rusher must be able to establish good communication with other team members. He must be able to provide accurate information about the enemy’s position, number, the most appropriate attack point, and so on.

These are the 3 Strongest Free Fire Rushers from Indonesia

Evos MR 05

The Strongest Rusher on Earth FF
image credit : ff.garena.co.id

One of the strongest Rusher on earth FF from Indonesia is Evos MR05. This Rusher name began to rise when he and the EVOS Captital team succeeded in sabotaging the title of champion at the 2021 Free fire World Cup which was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

This Rusher has the real name Regi Pratama and comes from Simalungun, North Sumatra. His trademark when playing the Free Fire game is brutality with high skills. In his personal channel on Youtube, Regi often shares videos of himself playing Free Fire and shows his tricks in killing the enemy of a squad alone.

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Dyland Pros

The Strongest Rusher on Earth FF
Image credit : indoesports.com

The name Dylan Pros is also known as one of the strongest Rushers on earth FF from Indonesia. This player, also known as Sultan Pros, often buys bundles and items at the Free Fire game shop. The greatness of Dyland Pros was even more visible when he managed to reach the highest Heroic tier at that time with 25089 points.

The ability of Dyland Pros or Sultan Pros is not only recognized in Indonesia, but also in the world. This is proven by the number of foreign media who write about his prowess as a Rusher from Indonesia to be reckoned with. It’s no wonder that currently Dylan Pros has managed to enter the ranks of the top Global players on the Leaderboard with a high skill level at the world level.

Onic Amek

The Strongest Rusher on Earth FF
Image credit : ff.garena.co.id

For gamers friends who have followed the development of the tournament in the Free Fire game since the early season, it is certainly no stranger to a player from Indonesia named Amek. Moreover, in the season 2 tournament, Onic Amek succeeded in bearing the title as a predatory rusher who played barbaric and managed to wipe out his enemies.

In addition to obtaining the title as top Rusher, Amek also sometimes acts as a support who plays aggressively in the Onic Hyper Squad. The climax was when he managed to get 188 kills, so Squad Onic at that time began to be taken into account in FF tournaments both on a national and international scale.

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