3 Best FF Top Up Telkomsel Credit Points 2021

In this article, the admin will share information on where to top up the best FF Telkomsel credit in 2021. For gamers who want to top up Free Fire diamonds but only want to pay using Telkomsel credit, then this article will help you.

It is common knowledge that the presence of diamonds in the Free Fire game is very important. Because, the various premium items needed in the game can only be purchased using diamonds, which incidentally is the currency in the game.

To be able to booyah, it is not enough to have battle skills alone. The game character you play must get support from various premium items. Because, only with the help of these premium items, the characters played will become strong and tough.

To get diamonds in a legal way, gamers have to top up diamonds. Don’t worry, now there are more and more cheap top up places that provide a choice of the number of diamonds you want to buy. That way, gamers friends can top up according to the contents of the wallet.

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These are the 3 Best Places to Top Up Using Telkomsel Credit

top up FF Telkomsel pulse

Some gamers just want to top up using Telkomsel credit. Unfortunately, not all places accept top up with credit payments. Therefore, in this article, I will mention the best places that you can choose to top up with Telkomsel credit as payment.


One of the best places to top up FF Telkomsel credit is Dunia Games. On this site, gamers can not only top up with Telkomsel credit, but also with Smartfren, XL, and Three credits. The available diamond packages also vary, there are 12 diamond packages, 50 diamonds, 140 diamonds, 355 diamonds, and several other packages.


Another best place to top up FF Telkomsel credit is the Coda Shop. On this site, gamers friends can top up Free Fire diamonds using Telkomsel as well. In addition, top up can also be done using Smartfren, Three, XL, Ooredoo, and others.

The choice of diamond packages that can be topped up is also quite diverse, there are packages of 5 Diamonds, 12 Diamonds, 50 Diamonds, 720 Diamonds, 140 Diamonds, 70 Diamonds, 73100 Diamonds, 2180 Diamonds, 73100 Diamonds, and others.

3.Market Place

The next place that also allows gamers to top up Free Fire diamonds using Telkomsel credit is the Market Place. Actually, it’s not the market place that provides the top up service, but in the market place, gamers friends can find many sellers who provide the top up service.

No need to be afraid to use top up services offered by sellers in large market places such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and others. Because the security system for sellers and buyers is very strict in order to ensure that no party is harmed.

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