10 Years of Operation, Netmarble Indonesia Officially Closes

Recently, there was news that the Indonesian branch of Netmarble starting this Monday, (31/5) closed its operations. How about some games already available to the players?

Netmarble Indonesia office is closed, the site is difficult to enter?

Several official sites for the games that Netmarble brought to Indonesia itself have not been able to penetrate the main page until now. In Nawala Karsa’s watch, access to the site Netmarble Indonesia branch so far has been a problem. Including parent of its own site, Netmarble Global, which if visitors browse the site access will be blocked.

To forum page Netmarble about some games discussion flagship-can still be read by visitors. The forum is provided by developer South Korea’s leading game that facilitates discussions on strategy, help and other things related to each of its officially released games.

Announced directly by the representative of Netmarble ID

netmarble tiger hong resigns

From the realm of social media, Tiger Hong, CEO of Netmarble Games Indonesia, said that he would resign his position as CEO starting Monday (31/5). In his Facebook post, he said that he is very grateful to the partners and gamer which has helped him popularize his many games over the last ten years. He said in the beginning of his status that the Netmarble Indonesia office was closed from today.

Several comments came in which the majority thanked him for the services he had done so far. Until this article was published, more than 500 times the original posts from Tiger Hong were shared with the public.

The game is still playable

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has been downloaded 3 million times

Nawala Karsa also received information that all access to the games brought by Netmarble Games Indonesia had been diverted. Based on a correspondence to one of his former employees, he confirmed that all game services for the Indonesian server have been integrated into servers at Netmarble globally.

However, the integration process includes some significant changes. First, the player services after the closing of the Indonesian branch will change hands to center netmarble, namely in Seoul, South Korea. Regarding the interaction of the interface players in every game that has been released to Indonesia, full access is still allowed without any significant changes.

However, service assistance for players if they find difficulties in the middle of playing will be directed to global-scale forums. Players can write down some of the information and complaints they find using English for later communication.

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