10 Recommendations for 90s Anime Adapted Games That You Must Try!

7. EL Hazard: The Magnificent World (Sega Saturn. Gameboy Advance)

Shinpi no Sekai: El-Hazard The Magnificent World or better known EL-Hazard this itself is an isekai title from the Anime OVA and later got adaptations such as Manga and Anime series. El-Hazard himself became the main pioneer who brought the name Isekai for the first time in Japan. You could say his father is isekai.

This game itself is a Visual Novel that was first released on Sega Saturn, developed by TamTam known for working on popular titles such as Tenchi Muyo! Game-hen, Slayers Wonderful, and Mahoujin Guruguru 2.

The story of this game is a completely different new Story, contains many differences compared to the series anime nor manga. This game also uses Japanese voiceover with seiyuu well-known, and many answer choices that are very risky during the storyline in this game, because it has a different ending game.

El-Hazard has been translated into English by a fan named Rob Jinnai from the owner of the El-Hazard Online website who intends to translate this game because of his love for the El-Hazard series.

This fan translation game has also been successfully executed in the form of a port Gameboy Advance. Unfortunately there must be an important part that must be cut so that this port game can perform optimally, namely the voiceover and animation parts must be cut. The Sega Saturn version itself has not performed optimally, so this patch has stopped being distributed.

6. Macross Skull Leader Complete Pack (PC-98)

Macross Skull Leader, known as the popular title SDF Macross was created by Shoji Kawamori which is very popular with the success of the anime that aired around the 80s, while in Indonesia itself, it was broadcast by the Indosiar television station in the mid 90s.

Macross Skull Leader is an anime game adaptation for PC-98 by Family Soft. This anime game relies on a mix of strategy with additional visual novels. There are 2 versions of the Complete Pack, namely Skull Leader as the original story based on the anime from Hikaru Ichijyo’s story, while Love Stories is a new story with a different character’s point of view named Kei where you can choose 3 chosen girls who might live with him.

This game has been fully translated into English by Nebulous Translation and you can use Patch this into the game ROM that you have or you can search for yourself on google. Once again, it should be noted that this game takes quite a long time when the battle starts compared to the visual novel segment. ;_;

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena (Sega Saturn)

Revolutionary Girl Utena popular anime and manga titles created by Chio Saito, while the anime that made his work successful was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, who is well known for the Sailor Moon anime series project. Previously, the Revolutionary Girl Utena comic was published in Indonesia which unfortunately was illegal.

This game that was completely developed by Sega combines visual novel looks and you start this game as Utena with her daily life at a prestigious school known as Ohtori academy, you will also spend time fighting the student council president and some duels to control the Rose Bride.

Like every other visual novel game you will also get a lot of choices from dialogue, and a lot of drama that appears during the game. This game was never released outside of Japan but this game was successfully translated by fans into English by the In the Rose Garden forum, below patches which you can use for the game itself.


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