How To Play Zepeto Halo World And Complete The Mission

How To Play Zepeto Halo World And Complete The Mission

Pikipo – As we know, the Zepeto application is an application that many people are looking for because in the game there are 3D characters as well as users can create avatars as well and can make friends with other users in the world.

This application was made by Snow Corporation from South Korea which was founded in 2021 in Seongnam, South Korea.

Maybe some of you don’t know about zepeto hello world, you can read this article to the end. At this time, maybe all we know is the Indonesian version of Zepeto, actually the type of application and the features are almost the same. maybe what makes it a little different is the way it plays. Also read: How to get free clothes on Zepeto

Because of the many questions that come in regarding how to play zepeto hello world, below I will provide a tutorial.

How to Play Zepeto Halo World

How to play in Zepeto hello world is not difficult, guys, you just have to complete a few missions that must be run. if you succeed then you will get a prize. If you are confused about how to complete the mission, you can see the tutorial below.

  1. Go to the zepeto world app
  2. to complete the mission you have to enter several rooms
  3. room 1: check the bookshelf by climbing the stairs near the bookshelf
  4. room 1: check under the table by pressing the use logo
  5. room 1: follow avatar
  6. room 2: use pose
  7. room 2: hold the item between the colored cardboard shelves
  8. room 2: take photo with avatar
  9. room 3: use the firecracker item in the bag logo menu
  10. room 3: wear the clothes on the statue
  11. room 3: Chat with avatar
  12. room 3: edit your introduction
  13. room 4: Go back to room 1 and take a photo with friends
  14. if the mission above is complete, you will get gems
Well, that’s how to play Zepeto World and how to complete the mission. if you find it difficult to complete the mission, you can ask it and write it in the comments column, guys. Also read: Cool and Aesthetic Zepeto Character Names

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to play zepeto hello world. I hope this article is useful for you all and good luck.

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