How to Make an Apple FF Logo Nickname Like William GZ, the Easiest

JSMedia – Create Apple logo FF on the nickname is being viral among Free Fire players. Have you tried it? Here’s an information guide.

Changing the nickname with a strange, funny, and unique name has become a special excitement among the players of this battle royal game. Starting from the name bucin, use numbers to symbols that are rarely used.

Recently, there has been a new trend of using the apple symbol for FF names. Why is this so viral and how do you make it? The answer is below.

What’s the Apple FF Logo For?

What's the Apple FF Logo For?

The apple symbol in question here is an image of a bitten apple belonging to the iPhone, the most sophisticated and luxurious technology company built by Steve Jobs. At a glance, we already know that it is the logo of the brand.

Of course it will look cool if the logo is added in the FF profile name like pro player William GZ. People will think you are using an iPhone. If you have more diamonds, there’s nothing wrong with following this trend because almost all players do it.

You need to know that not only FF players add this Apple logo, but players from other games such as Sausage Man, Mobile Legends, and others also use it.

To make it you need to use the help of a site called apple. No need to worry because the site is very easy to access without the need to register. This is a website that provides cool emojis in the form of famous brand logos. There are Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, and many more.

8 Ways to Use the Apple FF Logo

8 Ways to Use the Apple FF Logo

If you want to be a contemporary FF player, then you should try this trend of using the Apple iPhone emoji. Prepare your HP and do the following steps.

  1. Make sure you have enough diamonds because this username change requires about 390 diamonds.
  2. Open the following site in a Google browser:
    open the following site in a Google browser:
  3. After successfully entering the main page, make sure the Apple logo appears. click copy or Copy on apple emoji the.
    click copy or Copy on apple emoji
  4. Next open a Free Fire user account you.
    Next, open your Free Fire user account
  5. Click the Profile menu.
    Click the Profile menu.
  6. then click Edit on nickname FF profile.
    then click Edit on the FF profile nickname.
  7. Paste emoji it’s next to your name.
    Paste the emoji next to your name.
  8. Next confirmation so that the name change is processed.
  9. Apple brand iPhone pictures Installed successfully.
    Apple iPhone brand image successfully installed.

Besides nicknames, you can also add this cool apple logo to your FF bio. Unfortunately sometimes the apple logo doesn’t appear after doing that. Here’s the reason why the Apple FF logo doesn’t appear.

Why the Apple FF Logo Doesn’t Appear on the Website?

If the logo doesn’t appear on your Free Fire name, it means your device doesn’t support it. Not all types of cellphones can use this logo. Only iOS device users can use it. If you are not an iPhone and iPad user then you can’t use the previous method.

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17+ How to Make Apple iPhone FF Logo on Android 100% Works

not that there is no other way to be able to make the logo apple iPhone FF. However, there are still alternatives for Android users to apply. The trick is that you have to enter a special code, or use the default Android Theme Application.

Here’s an easy way to make an apple FF logo using an Android phone:

1. Create Apple FF Logo Using Custom Code

6 Ways to Make Apple iPhone FF Logo on Android

The following tutorial is specifically for Android device users who want to add an apple logo to their nickname. Here are the steps.

  1. Login to the Free Fire game account your android.
  2. Then go to Profile section to edit bios.
  3. Copy code following: ” [b][c] FREE F[FF 8800]I[FFFFFF]RE[FF 8800] “
  4. Paste the code in the bio column provided.
  5. Then, save to see the changes.
  6. apple logo will appear next to your FF name.

If that doesn’t work, you can borrow a friend’s iPhone or iOS device. However, this method is quite inconvenient because you have to install the Free Fire apk if he doesn’t have the application.

2. Create an Apple FF Logo Using the Android Default Theme App

Creating an Apple FF Logo Using the Android Default Theme App

In addition to the above method if your Android phone does not support, we can recommend 100% Work android you can use the Apple FF Logo. Here’s How to Make an Apple FF Logo Application Using the Android Default Theme Application.

  1. Make sure the default Android Theme Application is there, if there is no theme application, you can download it first in the Playstore, search for “Theme“.
  2. Open the Themes App, Then Go to Font Menu.
  3. Then you search in the “search” column for a font named Comic Book free
  4. Straight to download and apply on your android phone.
  5. Automatically all the fonts on your cellphone will change the font.
  6. Open the app Google Chrome and go to the official site
  7. Automatic The Apple logo on the website will read
  8. Copy the Apple Logo by pressing the button Copy.
  9. Login to Game account Your Free Fire.
  10. Click FF Account Profile, Then Edit Nickname.
  11. After that paste in the name column and confirm the renaming of the Apple FF logo.
  12. Congratulations you have can use Nickname by using the Apple FF logo.

Another alternative is to use other FF nickname characters or trends that support Android smartphones. Have you ever felt lost when you first started playing FF games? it turns out he is the one who brought the pilot of the free fire plane who likes to make players restless.

That was the complete explanation on how to make the Apple FF logo on the easiest Free Fire nickname profile like William GZ. If you are an iPhone user, just try the first method described earlier. However, for you Android users, don’t be sad. Try other alternative methods as suggested. But, if it doesn’t appear, then switch to another nickname trend.


What is the Apple iPhone FF Logo?

  • Apple iPhone FF logo is a cool nickname that can increase prestige because there is an apple logo.

Why can’t the Apple iPhone FF Logo be copied?

  • Because your Android doesn’t support it, you can do it by installing fonts Comic Book on your android.

Who is William GZ?

  • William GZ is a male YouTuber who comes from Bengkulu and now lives in the South Tangerang area.

How about William GZ’s Biography and Profile?

Full name William Hamada
Nickname William
Born Bengkulu
Where to Live Now South Tangerang
Age 20 years
Religion Islam
Status Already Dating
Couple Name Syararaafeza Budimansyah
Education senior High School
Work Youtuber and Student
Instagram @williamgz
Youtube William GZ
Subscribers 2.5M

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