Update Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) from March to December 2021

Ling Mobile Legends

This is the complete information on all Fragment Shop updates Mobile Legends (ML) from March to December 2021! Is there something?

Previously, the update we’re going to discuss this time around specialized in updating rare fragments Mobile legends because the rare fragment shop is the main goal of the players MLBB.

Because in this update, players can get free starlight skins by just exchanging these rare fragments. Even better, the prices in the rare fragment shop are updated differently every month.

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Ling Mobile Legends
So you have the opportunity to use different starlight skins in the
Mobile legends! Okay, just update the Fragment Shop from March to December in 2021:

[March 2021] Dyrroth – Ruin Scavengers

[April 2021] Valir – dictator

[May 2021] Masha – battle maiden

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[June 2021] Ling – street punk

[July 2021] Lesley – Deadly Lady

[August 2021] Granger – bio soldier

[September 2021] X Borg – graffiti fashion

[October 2021] Hayabusa – biological weapon

[November 2021] Wanwan – Teen Pop

[December 2021] Esmeralda – Cleopatra

But again This is just a leak, Moonton could change the fragment shop update schedule above depending on you.

There could be a sudden failure or issue where the above updates need to be postponed or not according to the previous release schedule.

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But it’s okay, weirdo, the update schedule above will let you know when the skin you want is arriving so you can pick up the rare fragment shop on time.

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