The 5 best marksman heroes in Mobile Legends for February 2021 yesterday

The reason YSS is M2's most popular jungler

Here are 5 marksmen Mobile legends the best in February 2021 yesterday’s version of SPIN Esports. Is there anybody?

It is known that there are more than 10 archer heroes in Indonesia Mobile legends But there are few heroes who deserve to be called the best in the current meta.

More specifically, SPIN Esports will provide a list of the 5 best marksman heroes yesterday in February 2021.

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Is there anybody? Here is the list:


mlbb rank

The first is obviously Brody since Moonton was added to the game. Brody is really, really crazy, his ability is really very OP.

It doesn’t matter if the opponent is using a thick item with the hero counter, even if Brody can easily slaughter them all.

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Even Brody is featured on the second most banned hero to date, according to the data Mobile Legends website.

Yi Sun Shin

The reason YSS is M2's most popular jungler

Next up is Yi Sun Shin, the makeover that Moonton once presented for Yi Sun Shin that changed the gameplay to what it is today.

By relying on his passive voice, Yi Sun Shin easily got into the metagame. Now the passive voice is very suspicious of the players and the annoying skill 3.


Claude MLBB
Photo via UHD Wallpaper

Then there is Claude, this hero is very popular because he can make a very deadly snowball.

As soon as the opponent makes a fatal mistake, Claude can immediately mess up the opponent’s defense. He’s not afraid of defense heroes either.


ML Hero does not sell an M2

Next comes Clint, the case is the same as with Yss. Clint was revised by Moonton and indeed the revision was successful.

Clint is back in the meta because his criticism is now very high. And because of this, you need to be familiar with Clint’s frequent appearances last February.

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Wan wan

Hero Nerf Patch 1.5.54

Next up is Wanwan, if that’s a different case. Wanwan got a buff, so she re-entered the meta-game.

And yesterday in February 2021, it was impossible for you to play Mobile Legends unless you met Wanwan. Because this hero is now really fun to play.

How do crankies match the list of marksman heroes? Mobile legends the best in February 2021 yesterday’s version of SPIN Esports.

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