The 5 best Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Heroes 2021

Hero counter Cecilion ml

These are the 5 best Cecilion Mobile Legends (ML) counter heroes in 2021!

Cecilion is still the best mid to late game support / magician hero when it comes to Mobile Legends (ML) games.

The damage is so great when Cecilion’s stack is very accumulated that he can even kill an opponent’s core hero with just one attack.

With that in mind, SPIN Esports has the 5 best hero recommendations for the most effective Counter Cecilion and you have to give it a try.


Lancelot's new skin
Photo via mobile legends

The first hero is Lancelot, who can move quickly to get close to Cecilion and kill him instantly thanks to his high damage in the early game.

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Hayabusa mobile legends, Hayabusa Wallpaper

The second hero is Hayabusa, this close special hero is actually very deadly for Cecilion users due to its posability and high damage.

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Sick Hero Season 18 Mobile Legends

Next up is Helcurt, although he has been nerfed, Helcurt’s attacks are really very annoying to Cecilion users.


build zilong
Photo via mobile legends

Zilong is also Cecilion’s most effective counterattack, he can easily kill Cecilion, especially against Zilong Hyper.


Counter Hero Meta Diggie Feeder

The last hero is Aldous, against Cecilion in the middle or late game, it is guaranteed that Cecilion’s stack will be wasted in the late game against Aldous, since an attack Cecilion can just die like that.

These are the five Cecilion hero brands to use at home. As additional information that all heroes with close attacks are Counter Cecilion.

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