The simplest explanation of Roam & Jungle Items Latest MLBB Update June 2021

Mobile Legends (ML) just released its latest update v1.5.88 on June 15, 2021. This upgrade is part of Phase 2 of Project Next Mobile Legends, which will see many changes to heroes, battlefields, systems and items.

In this article, we will be specifically covering the Mobile Legends (ML) update regarding Roam and Jungle items. This update is very important as the MLBB META is likely to change drastically due to changes in effects and the purchase of jungle and roaming items.

1. Combining jungle and roam items with shoes

In the latest ML update in June 2021, jungle and roam items will officially be combined into one item with boots (shoes). This is very good for tank and jungler roles as it can save 1 item slot to buy more useful items in the late game without removing the effects of roaming and jungle items.

Update Item Roam combined with Mobile Legends mlbb shoes
Example of footwear combined with Item Roam (Conceal)

2. How to activate the new jungle and roam item effect

You have to kill (or kill / assist heroes) 5 jungle monsters to activate the effect Retaliation spells Special from jungle articles.

How to activate the special retribution effect of the newest jungle item
Kill 5 jungle monsters to activate spell retaliation (special)

What about roaming items? How do you get active effect of roaming elements is also not immediately available. You have to collect 600 gold generated since the roaming item was purchased. After accumulating 600 gold, the roaming item’s active effect will appear.

Wow, is it complicated to count to 600 gold? Don’t worry, Mobile Legends anticipated this by adding it meter so you know how close your gold collecting progress is to reaching 600.

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How to open the active effect of mobile legends mlbb roaming elements 2021
Meters to find out the remaining gold needed to unlock the active skill of roaming items.

3. A new way to buy jungle and roam items

Because the previous roam and jungle items have been removed. Now there is a new way to buy jungle and roam items:

  1. open load during the game
  2. Scroll to the Motion tab, press jungle or Roam
  3. Select Type Jungle or roam you want

How to buy roaming items in the latest mlbb update June 2021
How to buy roam items

4. Changed the effect of special retribution from jungle items

The 3 past jungle items have also been completely redesigned. This time around, Mobile Legends released 3 special retribution effects from new jungle items. The effect on minions, jungle crawlers, turtles or lords is still the same; namely a 150% increase in damage recovery over normal. However, the new effects change as they target the opposing hero.

Special Retribution: Flame Retribution

When it hits the enemy hero; Flame Restoration deals real damage of 100 and drains the enemy hero 35-70 physical attacks and magical power (depending on the level). In order to your heroes to get 35-70 damage and damage enemy heroes will decline 35-70.

Flame Retribution is perfect for buying Assassin and Marksman jungler heroes who already have build skills and items to slow down and play aggressively, like Lancelot, Claude and Roger.

Special Retribution: Ice Retribution

When it hits the enemy hero; Flame restoration deals 100 real damage and also sucks 41-90 enemy hero’s movement speed (depending on the level). In order to your heroes to get 41-90 speed of movement dan Speed ​​of movement enemy heroes will decline 41-90.

Flame Retribution is perfect for buying fighter heroes and mage junglers who need to hunt down their opponents in ganking or team fights. Suitable heroes for using Ice Retribution are Karina, Harith, Argus, and Alucard.

Special Retribution: Bloody Retribution

When it hits the enemy hero; Flame Restoration deals 100 real damage and also sucks 12% Jungler Hero’s Max HP.

For example, if your hero has a max HP of 5,000, that means 12% x 5,000 = 600. You are sucking 600 HP from the opponent’s hero, increasing your HP by 600 and decreasing your opponent’s HP by 600 for 3 seconds. Similar to Yu Zhong’s passive blood sucking.

Bloody Retribution is very suitable for tank and fighter jungler heroes because it has big HP. You can use it for hyperheroes like Barats, Esmeralda, Alpha, and Freya.

5. Changed the special effect of roam items

Not only jungle items, also roam items are heavily revised. And now there are 4 items of roaming compared to the previous 3 items of roaming. The passive effect of each roaming item is still the same, namely:

dedication – Sacrifice in the first 9 minutes doesn’t get EXP & Gold from minions or jungle creeps so your core hero can fully enjoy the EXP & Gold.

Thrive – Get an extra 25% EXP and Gold from every assist kill. And also gives 8 gold & 20 EXP every 5 seconds against the poorest comrade hero! This change is very important because other heroes on your team do not need to purchase roaming items once again to get extra Gold / EXP when he gets the poorest.

If you are the poorest buyer of roaming items, get 25% more on 10 Gold & 25 EXP every 5 seconds.

For new effects from roaming items that can be unlocked when you have collected 600 gold from the above passive Flourish effect:

Roam Special: Hide (Active Ability)

When the active skill is used, your hero and his nearby companions will enter the mode camouflage (disappears transparently) and gains an additional movement speed of 30% – 75% (the greater the gold obtained from the thriving effect).

The Roam Conceal item is suitable for heroes with a play style to surprise opponents like Khufra, Atlas, Franco, Tigreal, Akai, and Minotaur.

Roam Special: Encourage (Passive Skill)

New roaming items with passive effects increase physical attack and magical power by 15-38 (increases with the amount of gold received from Thrive) for allied heroes around you. And the attack speed of your comrades is increased by 15%.

This roaming Encourage item is suitable for heroes with continuous thrust and team fight strategies like Hylos, Belerick, Hilda, Jawhead, and Gloo.

Roam Special: Favor (Passive Skill)

When your hero uses a healing or shield area skill, the friendly heroes around you who die the most receive a healing effect of 480-1200 HP (scaled with gold from Thriving). This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

Warning: Healing or shield skills that can only be used for yourself do not activate the great healing effect mentioned above.

This favor roam item is suitable for heroes with healing and shield area skills such as Mathilda, Estes, Hylos, Minotaur, Angela and Rafaela.

Roam Special: Dire Hit (Passive Skill)

If a hero using the Dire Hit roaming item deals damage to the opponent’s hero so that their HP drops below 35%, the opponent’s hero will be hit. additional damage by 7-18% of the opponent’s maximum HP.

The Dire Hit roaming item is suitable for tank / support heroes who play aggressively while ganking, such as Selena, Hilda, Jawhead, Chou, and Popol Kupa.

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Hopefully this article will help you learn the latest Roam and Jungle items in the June 2021 Mobile Legends (ML) update. In our opinion, this update is a very good move by Moonton as it sets the strategy and tactics of Mobile Legends in General. Hopefully with this update in the next MPL Season 8 competition, new metas will be born that will make this MLBB game even more exciting and not get boring anytime soon.

In fact, it’s not just roam and jungle items that have changed dramatically. There are several other new items and other revamped items, you can read more here.

What do you think of this massive jungle and roaming item update? Do you like it? Confused? Just comment below.

For those of you who are still confused about the latest update for Jungle or Roam Mobile Legends (ML), the June 2021 update, you can watch the following video:

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Item changes and new item functionality in Mobile Legends June 2021

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