How to create a name (nickname) in mobile legends using Japanese symbols or fonts

So in Mobile Legends you can easily create a name (nickname) with Japanese symbols or fonts!

There are only unique things that we can find while playing Mobile Legends games, one of which is doing fun, cool named characters and others.

Creating a unique name or nickname in Mobile Legends is also very easy, taking only a step or two to do it.

This is where SPIN Esports offers tips and tutorials on how to replace cool and unique nicknames with symbols, Japanese script or something else. Just read this article until it is used up, weirdo!

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How to create an icon nickname in Mobile Legends

  • Download the FancyKey keyboard app
  • Download the Unicode Pad app
  • Open the FancyKey keyboard app
  • Open the Unicode Pad APP
  • Enter the code “A980”
  • Write the symbol you want to use
  • Use the FancyKey keyboard to create a nickname in your note-taking application and paste in the symbol that was created in the Unicode application application
  • After that, copy and paste your nickname into your Mobile Legends account and you are done.

Not clear? You can check out the video tutorial below!

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How to make a nickname in Japanese or other languages

  • Download the Go Keyboard app
  • Activate and change the keyboard language
  • After that, just change the name of your Mobile Legends account using Go Keyboard.

This is a great way to make a unique nickname with cool symbols and other such as unique symbols, Japanese. Simple weirdo right?

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