Mobile Legends for this hero couple Valentine skins for February 2021!

This is a leaked valentine skin Mobile Legends The latest work in February 2021, this one hero coupler!

February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day or what is often called Valentine’s Day.

And as always on Valentine’s Day Moonton presents a special couple skin that welcomes Valentine for hero couples Mobile Legends this.

The main character couple is Cecilion and Carmilla, who have the appearance of the skin visible below!

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Skin Valentine February 2021
Photos via igdafrixkun

This skin will be available on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, and will be sold at about the same price as the previous Valentine’s skin.

Apart from that, all choices of Cecilion and Carmilla Moonton As a skin couple, I feel that this year’s Valentine is very suitable.

Because these two heroes are certainly spoken of as lovers, and if they are in one match, they also have special skills.

This year’s Valentine’s skin feels very special because the chosen hero is really a lover in the movie story Mobile Legends..

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