10 Candidates for Meta Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes Season 19 and you'll be amazed!

Mobile Legends (ML) has reset the season from season 18 to season 19. There are a number of battlefield and hero updates that took place a few days ago, and Meta ML could change significantly.

Season 18 metaheroes such as Uranus, Barat, Esmeralda, Lunox, and Lynn are also quite nervous. Therefore, the above heroes are chosen according to the situation, not the heroes that should always be picked up or banned in all games.

This is a good way to make Meta ML more dynamic, that’s it. There are also new heroes who could become meta in Season 19 that were less noticeable in Season 18. Who are the candidates for the Season 19 Mobile Legends (ML) Metahero from these heroes?

1. Matilda

Matilda herself is the latest hero released by Mobile Legends. As with previous trends, new heroes are usually relatively more powerful (OP) than older heroes. Therefore, it is very likely that Matilda will be in a professional Mobile Legends (ML) tournament in the future.

Matilda herself is a fairly flexible hero, like Chang’e. You can play as a support, side lane, or even a jungler. This is because the damage is sick, there are many CCs and shields, and the movement speed is fast. It seems that only time can determine which role is best suited for this Matilda hero.

2. Lapu Lapu

This hero has received enough attention since Lapu Lapu was revamped. I’ve seen Lapu-lapu selected in MPLI tournaments. This is because many side lane heroes have been attacked by nerfs, and Lapu Lapu has durable pain damage, especially from early to mid-game. With more and more professional players and the general public recognizing the power of Lapu Lapu, this hero is likely to be featured more often in the future.

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3. Claude

Claude Hero Meta Season 19
Source: Wallpaper cave

In the discussion in this article, some professional players predict that Metamarksman (MM) as a jungler will be able to return to Season 19. And one of the fastest farming MM heroes is Claude.

Claude has also just been buffed with a significant increase in his final damage, so if Meta MM really comes back, it could be a pro player fight.

4. Luo Lee

Luo Yi was the scariest mage hero of Season 17. Initially, this hero was often banned and chosen in either the professional or ranked scenes. After that, the hero became so badly nervous that he left the meta in Season 18.

But slowly, but surely, Moonton began buffing this hero. The disease damage combo, the range of effect (AOE) skill that can be crowd control (CC), and the ability to surprise enemies with ultimate teleportation are still very good. Therefore, the author is not surprised that this hero will start to become his favorite support mage again in the future.

5. Tigreal

Tigreal is a very tank hero and also has a wide range of amazing CC skills. However, the downside is that this hero is very weak early in the game (it shouldn’t be as violent as Hilda or Joe Head) and isn’t suitable for gangsters.

However, the season 18 metatank heroes Hilda, Joehead, and Kufra have made him quite nervous. Tigreal can be an alternative hero to choose as a solid tanker.

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6. Alpha

Alpha Hero Meta Season 19
Source: Pinterest

Alpha is a hero who once became a meta in MPL Season 2 about two years ago. Since then, this hero has been terribly nervous and has ever been out of meta.

However, in the last four months, this hero has earned quite a bit of buffs from each update. The last serious buff makes this hero a really formidable side lane, as the cooldown of the skill is greatly reduced and can easily be spammed. It would be interesting to see if these buffs are enough to make Alpha a potential metahero for Season 19.

7. Bruno

Bruno is one of the most painful burst damage MMs, especially in late mid-game games. This hero needs a really good early game as it relies heavily on important items to do a lot of damage.

This hero hasn’t appeared in Meta for a long time and only ONIC.Sanz is trying to use it. And Sants can prove that this hero can be an effective jungler. More professional players will try Hyperbruno in the future, especially since this is the first time for Buff.

Bruno ONIC.Sanz vs EVOS Legends MPL S6 Playoffs Gameplay:

8. Estes

Estes Hero Meta Season 19
Source: JCube.ID

Estes is actually a very good support hero with her healing ability, especially since it was buffed in a recent update. However, Estes is extremely powerless when dealing with assassin roll heroes that can explode damage such as Benedetta, Lynn, and Lancelot in Agile. Esthetics without pain or CC damage will have a great deal of difficulty fighting these meta-assassins.

Most assassins are nervous, so it’s very likely that the MM meta will come back. This can make Estes a surprise pick that can disrupt your opponent’s strategy. Estes is very good for MM. The damage of the first MM is usually harmless and is covered by Estes heels.

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9. Bererick

Like Alpha, Bererick is a hero who has been buffed in a row in the last few months. With so many nervous meta-tank heroes, Bererick could be a solid alternative. The author still thinks Tiglare is one step above this hero.

But in reality this hero is so strong due to its very painful damage, high movement speed, and wide range of AOE skills, so this can be determined too quickly. You can see this in the EVOS.LJ video that surprised the new Belerick.

Therefore, this hero is one of the previously unsold heroes, so this hero’s spinner may be a candidate for ML Meta.

10. Harley

Well, this is the author’s guess that will surely surprise you! Many players really liked wearing Harley heroes.

Like Alpha, Harley was one of the earliest and most horrifying tragedy when Mobile Legends was released. Harley is highly manoeuvrable and damaging, easily picking up the assassin’s hero MM and supporting soft enemies.

But like the sorcerer assassin, Harley is strong only in the early to mid-game. Usually, in the second half of the game when the opponent’s hero is thick, Harley’s damage begins to paralyze, so if the team is not finished immediately, the team can lose. This will cause players to consider Harley as a too risky pick.

However, Harley got a buff that would make this hero sick, even if his opponent bought a lot of magical defenses. Is this enough to put Harley in the meta? Spinner, let’s take a look together.

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Note: Please note that the 10 heroes are still meta “candidates”. Maybe there are other new heroes who can get into Meta. If it’s easier to see what the meta looks like, the author updates the article.

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